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We would like to present you with our entire spectrum of services. The emphasis of our site is Park X-Ray Laboratory's latest acquisition of the new generation Imaging Sciences i-CAT 3-D Imaging System . Now with a quick 8 second scan time Accuracy is critical for a successful procedure. Instead of looking at a flat two dimensional x-ray you now have the ability to view your patients in all three dimensions.


The most diverse emerging technology to reach dentistry in decades. Clinical applications touch every aspect of dentistry from general practice to orthodontics, periodontics, implantology, oral maxillofacial surgery. Free interactive viewing software is included on CD or DVD with every i-CAT 3-D scan allowing dental and medical professionals the opportunity to easily share images.

3D imaging is one of the most effective tools for evaluating implant sites.3D images can identify potential pathologies and structural abnormalities with unprecedented accuracy.


Select the exact  implant required
Achieve distortion free, unmagnified measurements of the nerve canal position
Measure buccal/lingual width
Complete 3-D information to optimize treatment planning and placement for implant
Locate critical anatomy and determine if  bone grafting or sinus lift is warranted
View impacted molars, cuspids, adjacent roots and other anomalies
Can be uutilized with implant planning software

i-CAT  takes the imaging of the Temporomandibular Joint to  a new level.The 3D image is the clearest seen to date of TMJ anatomy.


Orthodontists are able to create a complete orthodontic work-up from one scan including: Cephalometrics, SMV, Airway, Panoramic, TM Joints, Impactions, Facial soft tissue
Location of impactions

Only a 3D scan can demonstrate the exact individual anatomy, define anatomical structures and motivate the discussions that lead to the patients' understanding of their unique clinical circumstances.


View teeth, airway, temporomandibular condyles, the mandibular complex and sinuses
Visualize impactions within the alveolar bone, location relative to adjacent teeth.roots and proximity to vital structures
Accurate information resulting in less invasive surgery
Diagnosis of bone morphology, joint space and function for TMJ analysis
Thorough 3-D information to optimize treatment planning

If you are not familiar with our office and your first contact with us is online, let us know what your needs and questions are, we will be pleased to help.

In brief, we would like to share the following about us: Park Avenue X-Ray Laboratory was established in 1958 and located on Park Avenue in San Jose. After a few years we moved our location from Park Avenue and dropped the Avenue from our name to become Park X-Ray Laboratory. Park X-Ray Laboratory is committed  to providing outstanding service to the Dental Community. Our specialty is Dental Imaging, referring  Doctors value the high quality imaging, courteous staff, affordable fees and  rapid delivery of images. Park X-Ray Laboratory is located at 2074 Forest Avenue Suite 5, San Jose, CA 95128. One block from O'Connor Hospital.

FAST turn around. Your patient's scan is shipped UPS courier the following day after their appointment.